Company profile

INFRA HOLDING PLC is a Bulgarian construction company, established in 2007 and specializing in the implementation of projects in all main areas of the construction industry - construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of road infrastructure, water supply and sewerage networks, waste management systems, construction and modernization of buildings, urban development, construction of parks and areas for sports and recreation.

Since its establishment, INFRA HOLDING PLC has been gradually expanding and optimizing its investment portfolio uniting subsidiaries, specialized in different areas of construction, into a single organizational structure. At present, the main team of the company includes more than 80 highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in their field.

In the recent years, INFRA HOLDING PLC implemented successfully a number of socially important projects and proved to be a reliable and loyal partner of the state, municipal and private entities and investors. The company is working on a number of projects, which are different in terms of scope, complexity and specificity and are implemented mostly with European and national financing.

The advantages that rank INFRA HOLDING PLC among the established construction companies in Bulgaria, include high quality, competitive prices, use of contemporary materials and modern construction technologies, strict observation of planned deadlines. The team of experts with narrow specialization and the good technical provision of the company with own construction machinery and equipment, make it flexible in finding the most effective solutions and ensure maximum control over the implementation of its commitments.

Trust, integrity, responsibility and professionalism are the principles that underpin the corporate culture of INFRA HOLDING PLC and which guide us both in our daily work as a team and in our relations with customers and partners. Our experience, innovative thinking and continuous strive for higher goals give us confidence that we can achieve the best results in the implementation of each project, contributing to the sustainable development of the environment in which we live.