Stock Exchange Information

INFRA HOLDING PLC is a public company, whose shares were listed for trade at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia, in 2008 with the following parameters of the issue:

  • Issuer: Infra Holding AD (Railway Infrastructure – Holding Company AD - Sofia)
  • Market: Non-official market of shares at the Bulgarian Stock Exchange – Sofia AD
  • Stock Exchange Code: RA8
  • ISIN Code: BG1100004081
  • Amount of Issue: BGN 58,362,963
  • Number of Shares: 58,362,963 pcs.
  • Nominal Value of a Share: BGN 1
  • Type of Shares: ordinary, registered, non-cash, transferrable shares with voting rights in GSM, right to dividend and liquidation quota
  • Date of Initial Public Offering: 28.11.2008