Bord of directors

Infra Holding PLC is company of one-tier management system. The company is run by a Board of Directors (BD), which consists of three members:

  • Anton Bozhkov – Chairman and Executive Member of BD
  • Tatyana Dimitrova – Member of BD
  • Emiliya Simeonova – Independent Member of BD

The members of the Board of Directors are elected at the General Shareholders’ Meeting for a term of 5 years. BD has the following competences, obligations and authorities:

  • manages Infra Holding PLC;
  • adopts plans, programmes and strategies for the activity and development of the company;
  • specifies the organizational and management structure of the company and adopts the other internal regulation documents required by law;
  • makes decisions on the using or granting of credits as well as giving guarantees for them, while observing the statutory requirements;
  • establishes, closes down or transfers enterprises, companies or significant parts of them;
  • makes decisions about significant change of the activity of the company, major structural changes and long-term cooperation of high importance for the company or termination of such cooperation;
  • opens and closes branches of the company;
  • makes decisions for acquisition and disposition with interests in Bulgarian and foreign companies and for opening of representations in the country and abroad;
  • makes decisions for setting up cash funds and sets the procedure for their collection and their spending;
  • makes decisions for acquisition and alienation of real estate and real rights on real estates, acquisition and provision of licenses while complying with the statutory requirements and limitations;
  • discusses and makes decisions regarding all other issues related to the management of the company except the ones, which are within the competence of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.